Your Essential Guide to Buying the Perfect Whirlpool Bath

There is really nothing like slipping into a whirlpool bath at the end of a long and seemingly endless day.  A whirlpool bath can be one of the best additions you can ever make to your bathroom, and the combination of warm water plus water pressure from the water jets can make for a very relaxing yet intense massage-like experience indeed.

If you have decided that a whirlpool bath is for you, there are some practical factors to consider as well. You have to think about these factors when choosing (and installing) your whirlpool bath so you will not end up with a bath that is less efficient or useful than you expected.

The location

One of the very first factors you need to consider is the whirlpool bath’s location. When you have decided the final location of your whirlpool bath, you can then decide on the bath’s size and dimensions as well as its shape. Whirlpool baths come in different shapes, such as rectangular, circular, corner whirlpool baths, and more (to get a better idea, visit, and the only way you can choose the right shape is to determine the bath’s location from the beginning.

Placement and weight 

You also have to consider factors such as the placement of the basin and toilet, and how this will interfere with the placement of the whirlpool bath. One important tip: if you would like to have a bigger whirlpool bath and you have enough space in your bathroom, you also need to think about the flooring. Is your flooring strong enough to support the additional weight of the larger whirlpool bath? If not, you may need reinforcement built in. To have a better idea if you need extra support for your flooring, speak with an engineer.

The whirlpool bath’s overall size

Of course, the size of your bathroom will often dictate the size of your whirlpool bath. But when thinking of the size, you also have to think about who will use your bath and how often it will be used. You can either choose a one-person or two-person whirlpool bath depending on the size of your family, for instance. Another consideration which is related to the bath’s size is the size of your tank for hot water. On the average, a whirlpool bath will be made up of two-thirds warm or hot water and one-third cold water. So you need to have a tank that has a good capacity as well.

Styles of whirlpool baths

Yet another consideration when it comes to the right whirlpool bath is the style. There are different styles and types of whirlpool baths to choose from, which include recessed, corner, freestanding, and drop-in baths. The recessed style has only one apron (the acrylic, finished side of the whirlpool bath) and three sides which are open and built to be installed in a bathroom’s alcove. The corner style is often shaped like a crescent, with an apron in front and two sides which are unfinished to be placed against the bathroom walls. The freestanding style, meanwhile, is one which features an apron on all its sides, allowing it to be set up away from a wall. The drop-in style is one which is often either installed on a platform or recessed below the level of the floor. This type of whirlpool bath usually does not have any apron and can also be finished or tiled with décor complementing the bathroom.

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