Your Best Accessory

My first bag was made out of vintage fabric with leather. I hand painted some patterns to beautify the fabric and ironed some crystals on it. My first one-of-a-kind bag took me about 35 hours to complete. It was exhausting, but fabulous.

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I have a natural affinity toward exotic leathers. Every skin has its own unique characteristic for which there is no replica. It is timeless, luxurious and very durable. I love using crocodile skin in my designs. Most crocodile skin comes from South America, Africa, Australia or Southeast Asia. Alligator, Niloticus and Caimen are common types. The value of a crocodile skin depends on how it is treated.

In fact, all crocodile skins are dyed. Untreated crocodile skins are normally a greenish dark brown colour; therefore all skins must be treated before dyeing. To me, dyed crocodile skins are the most appealing.

We tend to put everything in our bag, so a handbag must not be heavy. Otherwise, you will feel discomfort after carrying it for a while. Since leather is usually heavy, we try to minimise heavy hardware as much as possible. We also choose the best lightweight interfacing to be used under the skin.

Didi Bags

We can’t deny that trends are one of our considerations when designing handbags. We can’t remain totally out of touch. This spring and summer, large totes and slouchy bags will be hot items. Vibrant coloured bags are another trend not to be missed.

Matching your bag with your outfit is not that difficult. A tote bag is always the perfect match for casual wear. We offer large rectangular tote bags in tourmaline, beige and red colours. This season we are happy to have a special colour with black and white crocodile skin, which is a staple accessory to look stylish even in your all-day wear.

Didi clutchesA clutch is an almost indispensable item for the evenings – wear it with an evening gown when you go partying. Our Didi clutch, combined with lamb nappa, suede and crocodile skin, is truly exceptional. If suits are your companion at work, then you shouldn’t neglect your other friend – a Boston bag.

If you are buying a crocodile bag, look out for its quality and ask for its grade. Check if there is any scratch or fight mark on the skin.

Ask the sales assistant for advice on how to care appropriately for your bag, or read the instructions attached. You should always store genuine leather handbags in a ventilated place.

Tip: Wipe down exotic leathers with a dry white cloth and remember to avoid water on any shiny crocodile skins.