You’ll flip for the Motorola V80!

The new Motorola V80 is one currently of the most luxurious phones available.

It comes out from the top model V600 softwarewise, but has a new stylish design and a wider range of functions.

Belonging to a more expensive high-class handsets, just looking at it you will probably think of words like “style” and “flair”.

A shiny black egg with a quality display on the upper side is trimmed around by a matte silver color.

A thick silver frame in matte and shiny shade highlights the display itself. The opening mechanism is surely the most striking feature of the handset.

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The egg-shaped case is divided lengthways into two unequally thick parts. By mild pressing on the side you deflect the upper part. Then a small spring slings and turns it by 180° around its own axis, which is somewhere between the joystick and the edge of the display.

Afterwards the keypad appears on the bottom part. The menu is kind of complicated, so users need to get familiar with it first. I find it very nice that you have the chance to arrange the main menu in accordance to your needs with a wide range of customization possibilities. The phone allows you to color the menu by picking one of six possible color styles. So you choose how good you wanna look!