Xu Wei Fen

This Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts student’s sketches are a profane design abstracted from the idea of fallen angels. The whole design brings out a sense of ‘dark’ and intricate outlook. We asked her what she thinks of the Singapore fashion scene.

“The fashion scene in Singapore is described as dynamic.

Shopping areas such as Far East, Hereen, Haji Lane, Club Street, are places where most people in Singapore purchase their clothings from.

The different variety of designs and fashion trends in Singapore offers a wide selection for the people to choose from.

In addition, there has been an increase in the number of new fashion designers and retail owners who offer more exquisite and unique merchandises for the Singapore market.

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Walking in the heart of Orchard Road on a Saturday afternoon, one will find it bustling with people wearing different colours and styles. Some dress what’s ‘in’ for the season, while some simply dress differently to look good, and at the same time, reflecting their inner self.

With the fact that Singapore is a multi-cultural society, the fashion scene sees a more diverse cultures, fashion styles, and designs.”