Women’s fashion for summer 2014

When summer is just around the corner, we all know what that means: the latest styles and trends are popping up in all the shops, and women everywhere are flocking to get hold of the coolest things to wear out to the pool, beach, and out and around town this summer. For some reason, summer tends to be a time that many people put more thought into their appearance and what they wear. It seems to be a time to really pull out the stops with fashion, and let your style shine. Of course in the summer everyone is wearing a bit less clothing and showing off their hot summer bodies, so clothing is designed to be flattering in this way.

Staying on top of fashion trends for the summer doesn’t have to be difficult. The general rules of thumb are to stay comfortable and don’t be afraid to express yourself with a bit of color! There’s no time like summer time to wear those brightly colored dresses or sandals that you’ve been hiding in your closet all winter. Read on to learn about the hot trends for women’s fashion in summer 2014:

Bold is beautiful

To stand out and make a splash this summer, don’t be afraid to be bold with your colors and styles. Gone are the days of trying to just fit in and match a trend. This summer, people will be testing out the waters with new styles, cuts and colors of clothes that will undoubtedly turn heads. This is what being a trendsetter is all about, so rock it and go for that dress or swimsuit you wouldn’t normally try. Bold is the style this summer and standing out will make you feel great.

One-piece with style

Although the classic two-piece bikini will always be in style, this summer the ladies are choosing a throwback to the one-piece, but with extra fashion elements. You’ll find many people wearing one-piece suits with sassy parts cut out to give the suit some extra flair. You might find that a one-piece accentuates your curves even more and gives you a little extra confidence as well.

Jewelry and accessories

Think big and bold when it comes to accessories this summer. Bright and chunky jewelry is always a winner, particularly when paired with a simple summer dress in one color. You can add a splash of color to a white dress, for example, with a chunky coral necklace and matching clutch. Other accessories are popular this summer such as colorful belts to finish off a dress look, as well as fun bags in jewel tones.


Lingerie is something that will always be in style! This summer, get playful and shop for something you might not normally buy. You deserve to feel sexy and some lacy new lingerie can be just the thing to make you feel amazing. You can find cheap sexy corsets to change up your lingerie wardrobe and really bring some spice into the bedroom.