Wild Winter Wear

The winter has reached Eastern Europe hard, and now is the time to seek out the new looks of this season. Animal Prints: Now is the time to find the inner animal in you; Tigers, cheetahs and zebras! Oh my! Known as slutty fabrics, now is the time to find the sophisticated prostitute we all have inside of us. Make your pimp or sugar daddy buy you expensive coats of leopard print; they are totally in right now. Also try to have fun with the texture and colors. What is fuzzy and soft will keep you warm and make you sensual. Tight pants with zebra or tiger designs are very fashionable and you can find different color com binations like red / black, blue / white or you can go with a nice and safe black / white.

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PATCHWORK: Generally we don’t use it because we are scared to look like an old lady or the moth eaten quilt in you grandmothers house. But the reality it is that we don’t know how to use it. Actually we could save a lot of money on accessories if we know which patchworks are good for us. Usually we are taught to not match stripes with dots, but if you can find a good shirt with stripes that elongates your figure and a nice dotted skirt that fits you well, there is nothing to fear. With patchworks you will look fierce no matter what. The color is not that important but your ability to match the different shapes, I’m sure it will make you stand out in a crowd. If you really want to spoil yourself you can go to Versace and Balenciaga which use these patterns as show stoppers in their new collections.

Louboutin LeopardPONCHOS: Related to poor and repressed tribes in South America, it is time to embrace the exotic traditions that the aborigines from the south left us. I’m not talking about looking like the Peruvian flute bands that play in Keleti and Blajha, but a more fashionable version of them. Not all the aborigines wear feathers, but most of them wear ponchos. Green, red, hot pink, orange and blue are the favorite colors for this season, so try to find a poncho that fits your body well, they are not only easy to wear but very warm and comfortable. Pretend you are in the Andes Mountains and your dog is a llama.

FRINGE: Always works for winter, is a style that in this season you can never ignore. The nice thing about this trend is that you can play with the different textures and colors. If you really want to look like a polar bear you can wear boots with fringes, dresses with fringes and even hats with fringes. But, if you want to look like a person, just wear it on clothes. Fringes are not meant to be an accessory or shoes… unless you want to be Pocahontas.

From this season there is going to be an item of the month. So keep an eye on our magazine to catch up with latest in fashion, just in time for Christmas. Animal print is totally in, so this month, try to embrace it by buying a pair of suede leopard boots. Be a colorful animal among this grey city’s denizens. By wearing these boots you will feel like a feline ready to hunt in the Budapest streets. Show us your wildest face and take a risk by wearing this sexy item. Don’t be a post communist citizen and try to be thankful with life. Wear color, and have fun with the clothes. You are not living in a place where everyone should look the same anymore. Embrace your freedom of personality and don’t be just another body in the crowd.