Waft with me, Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier launches new fragrances for men and Women

After a while, many couples start to coordinate their speech and dress, so why not take things to the next level and match your scents as well?

The two of you can leave your very own olfactory imprint, which is very Posh and Becks. This May Jean Paul Gaultier gives couples the chance to turn heads and noses with two summer versions of his popular fragrances.

Gaultier’s “Classique” perfume for women combines musk and vanilla with light floral and citrus scents for an added burst of zest and sunshine.

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Top notes of Sicilian lemon and clementine recall the heat of the Mediterranean … and perhaps a spicy Latin lover?

“Le Male’ is an invigorating cologne enriched with ginseng and ginger to give energy and to refresh the senses. Notes of mint provide a cooling sensation on hot summer days – but do nothing to calm the libido.

These limited edition scents come packaged in bottles that echo the aquatic pleasures of summer. Waves of turquoise meet playful fish and colourful coral for a sense of fun and sophistication that is distinctly Gaultier.

– On sale in Singapore May 13 at select upscale department stores. Classique Alcohol-Free Summer Fragrance (100ml), priced around $125. Le Male Stimulating Summer Fragrance (125ml), priced around $110.