Versace’s Neon Jungle

Donatella Versace has revealed herself to be a phoenix, rising from the ashes of her brother’s tragic murder.

Yet many are unaware that she began developing her design skills long before Gianni’s death, with elegantly edgy results.

The Versace brand line Versus was actually Donatella’s personal plaything, and if one thinks back to the Versus line, then scans the recent Versace collections, there can be no debate that her style is consistent.

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There are overlaps in colour, similarities in cut, and, most clearly, parallels in attitude. Versus offered us a glimpse of talent that seems to have matured now, in Versace itself.

At a recent trunk showing of the Fall/Winter collection, we found punk rock glam in many forms and colours, the most notable being neon animal patterns with hues of brown, a real eye catcher!