Venexx Perfume Watch

Last minute shoppers: Here’s a gift for her that is sure to impress. The Venexx Perfume Watch is – yep, you guessed it – a watch that holds perfume.

Sprays it, too. It may sound simple, but it actually took renowned Munich watchmaker Venexx nearly two years to perfect the technology.

The result is an entire line of watches (from reasonably priced casual styles to higher-end models) that are fitted with a tiny perfume tank on the back side and a covered spray mechanism perched above the two o’clock mark.

With the push of a button, the cover slides to the side and a tiny spray of your favourite scent (a special funnel to fill the 60-spray flacon is included) shoots out.

This European gadget hasn’t gotten much publicity here, so be one of the first to start the trend. And, yes, there is a men’s version… just please don’t fill it with Drakkar. –