Valentine’s Day Swatch Special Jewellery Set

Swatch let’s the love shine this Valentine’s

Love is a many splendid thing, but finding the right gift can be a real chore. That’s why, whenever I wonder what to get the one I love something that just says “You’re so cute.”

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I get Swatch. They’ve come out with four really great trinkets this year. Watches of course, the usual and the special for the holiday, like a special watch with a photo frame, and this really cool special jewellery set that consists of two emblematic necklace designs and a cute heart ring.

Just $69 the Valentine’s Day Swatch Special Jewellery Set consists of two bijoux necklaces and a ring.

The necklaces have tow pendants, which compliment each other, the red one has an antique style padlock in it’s centre, and the stainless steel pendent has a key which unlocks the heart behind the padlock. Let your loved one know this Valentine’s day that your heart is only for them.

Available at all Swatch boutiques.