Urban Tool Holsters

Perfect for modern techies, Austria’s leading wearable entertainment label, Urban Tool, hit Singapore last fall with the latest in functional wear for tech saavy fashionistas.

The Apple iPod has really changed many people’s lives, and the clothes they wear, with more emphasis now being placed on integrating music players with daily clothing or bags.

Urban Tool came up with a clever range of holsters and apparel which provide ergonometric solutions to keep your iPod and daily accessories readily at hand. Their full range of holsters are designed to house your gadgets and accessories while doing moshing at teh concert or travelling through seedy neighbourhoods with a seamless integration of function and style.

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Tech state-of-the-art stretch materials ensure a snug fit of your gadgets, while specially designed pockets provide easy storage for most of your personal items including your iPod, mobile phone, keys and wallet and for those int he super-spy business, the microfilm.

Retailing at $17 to $95, the sportsHolster, basicHolster, hipHolster, iShirt and slyDog is available in Apple Centre @ Orchard and major sports, travel and fitness centres. While you’re there, bug ’em about when the new Apple iPhone is getting here… they’ll have a pocket just for that too!

For a complete listing of retail outlets, please visit www.urbantool.com.sg or call AVS at 6742 4288 for more information.