Two decades of G-Shock

G-Shock has been around for 25 years. Wow. That’s a lot of generations of teens, sportsmen and NSF guys that have spent a lot of money on Casio.

It also seems like a touch of renovation is appropriate. Which is more or less what it’s done with its new C3 G-8000 time pieces.

This new G-Shock has a new sleek design, that should appeal to the younger crowd. Without giving up any of its functionality (World Time, Daylight Saving, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, etc), the new G-Shock has a matte or glossy bezel finish that reminds us that there are other companies beside Apple with good designers.

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That’s not all. Casio is also releasing 26 new models (that’s a lot at one go!) to their SHEEN female collection. Not only does it have excellent Casio technology in it, but also a super bright LCD and funky straps.

Choose from leather, stainless steel and resin combination bands. So you can change your watch to reflect your mood anytime. And if you wanna feel like a schoolgirl, try on the new Baby-G for size! Now in a smaller case design, and seven different colours, the new Baby-G is proof that bigger is not always better.