Tivoli Audio iSongBook

Jack-up your iPod with this sleek and stylish, petite but powerful, simple yet refined.

With a blend of both classic and modern appeal, it’s no wonder why Tivoli Audio’s new iSongBook is one of the hottest new pieces of audio equipment.

Merely situate your iPod into the inventive flip-down docking station (any iPod fits) and crank up the volume.

The treble is clear, and the tone is so crisp that while I was listening to “All Along the Watchtower”, there was a second where I thought that Jimi Hendrix was back from the land beyond and screeching his guitar in front of me.

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The iSongBook is intended to be a travelling music system that will supply you with the proper sounds YOU want to hear in a small package. The superb sound quality of Tivoli’s renowned speakers credit the new iSongBook as a useful tool for relaxing at home, sunbathing on the beach, doing the picnic thing in the park, and even walking around (a separate carrying case acts as a small bag with shoulder strap).

Features to the iSongBook include a highly sensitive digital AM/FM tuner with clear reception in any country, a blue backlight LCD display with radio station setting and a digital clock. The best feature aside from the flip-down dock station is the speaker set up.

The first is located on the main unit while the other is detachable and able to separate from the system up to six feet with an unwinding cable, providing a surround sound vibe that most of us pay loads of cash to install into our walls.