This season’s “it” bag…

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Sure, their Cruise Collection was an ugly disaster (to put it politely), but if we were to write about what bag they put out that we like best since then, it would have to be the Gucci Sukey Large Tote. Okay, so it’s not a revolutionary fashion statement, with the flood of cheap Chinese knock-offs, logo bags have become a bit played out. So it’s only natural that they’d tone it down a bit and come out with something more subtle, like this lovely canvas tote with some cream leather trimming the famous Gucci monogram fabric.

Compared to the aforementioned Cruise offerings, this tote is entirely unoffensive and beautiful in its lack of adornment, save for a interlocking G charm. For a Gucci bag, it’s price is relatively low, (only a few month’s rent for those on a local budget) so we hope you’ve been saving up all year (yeah, right).

Not sure why this one moves us so, perhaps it’s because we’ve always had a thing for cream leather combined with their signature fabric. The shape is readily identifiable, the interior roomy (with an inside zip pocket), and it comes in a medium and large version, making it a functional exercise in understatement.