The Shinco Factor

Sometimes you’re going to have to spend some time travelling, and rather than bust out your battery-draining laptop just to watch movies on, you’ll need yourself something like the Shinco portable HDD media-players.

These record and store more than just movies (up to 50 complete films!), or also store up to 8,000 songs or 400,000 100kb pictures with a built in Compact Flash card reader! Enjoy a wide range of media with the Shinco PMP-1700 multimedia player.

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Elegant and compact, the PMP-1700 will amaze you with its 40GB hard drive and hi-resolution 7″ TFT LCD monitor to watch all your MPEG2, MPEG 4, DivX or DivX Pro videos.

Share the fun using the dual hi-fi stereo headphone sockets and the flip-up screen with 180° viewing angels; and more.

This is top-notch take-along entertainment! Its 16:9 aspect ratio capability offers a theater-like widescreen picture, while the built-in stereo speakers provide awesome audio to complement the view.

After owning this amazing player for a week, I continue to be amazed. It works well on the removable battery and plays DVDs better than my $110 Digix set top player, at least so far.

Check out their website at for info