The Question: Dyke, or Girly?

The trends for this season celebrates these two opposites, which one will you choose?

Whether you like gorgeous androgenous looks or you are the girly-girl type there is good news for both, since this season the two extremes are in. Designers are embracing the sexual opposites and are ready to take the runways by showing how much of a barbie girl or a butch they can be.

The new “handsome” or “hunk” beauty is taking over the fashion industry. Celebrating the fusion between the masculine looks and the sexiness that every girl have, well known designers like Narciso Rodriguez and D&G have been giving a twist to their collections by styling the girls as authentic boys.

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If you are one of those risky and confidence woman that can pull this Look here are some advices to become an authentic male beauty: Short hair and notable sideburns are totally trendy now, don’t be afraid to be shaved or cut. In addition big and defined hair brows are becoming more attractive, as a suggestion you can even spike them to look more natural and careless. Girls you should also left the hair dryers, this season you wont need them instead learn how to use wax and gel to created bold looks for yourselves. The nails should be short and if your feminine side bothers you, painted them with skin tones to look chic. The trick is to imagine that you are styling your own boyfriend and do the same with yourself. After all, don’t you think he looks very sexy when he follows your fashion advice?


However this year fashion does not discriminate. The very classy feminine looks are also coming back more powerful than ever. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta open a window of possibilities with their new collections that show us simplicity on the most feminine side. Pastel tones are the main options for this pre-fall season, and pink and peach are the leading colors while cardigans, ribbons and ruffles will be the pieces that set the standards. Also the classy red lips are back giving a perfect match to almost every outfit. For the girls who like to look like big dolls this is the time to wear fake eyelashes and make your eyes pop out. Refering to the hair issue, the ponytails and headbands are the options to complete the very girly look you want to have.

So have you decided what you like the best, yet? Real fashonistas know that fashion has no gender, as a matter of fact “la mode” is also an art that allow us to create our own fantasies and wear them. A famous designer called Rad Hourani once said: “My clothes […] are asexual aseasonal; they come from no place no time no tradition yet they could be home anywhere anytime”. In fashion if you try to label yourself as a male or female you destroy the beauty of the creations because you conceived a predetermine idea, killing the freedom of fashion. It’s no wonder that people with a mostly stereotype-free mind are the only ones that can really understand this wonderful world. Perhaps most of them are intellectuals or rich people that can get away with everything they want to experiment with, or maybe they are just like me willing to rethink the stereotypes for a fabulous look.