The Mind Molestor

Insert evil laughter here…

For only US$19, you can play one of the cruelest, most infuriating practical jokes ever developed.

The Mind Molester from Shomer-Tec is an inch-long circuit that you attach to a 9-volt battery and hide in someone’s home, office or car.

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Once hooked up, the unit lets out a short, shrill, smoke detector-esque beep once every three or four minutes.

“I spent a lot of time finding a frequency that is difficult to detect where it’s coming from,” says the device’s inventor, Joel [last name withheld because Shomer-Tec makes military products].

“Plus, it beeps so infrequently that I guarantee it will take someone hours, if not days, to find this thing.” We tested the unit on several victims. It works.