The Bold and the Beautiful

European couture jewelry brand’s passion for fine design and craftsmanship are notable for their distinctive signature creations; and Hearts on Fire, and American brand renowned for its quality diamonds, always impresses with their stylish jewelry collections.

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Giovanni Ferraris (Italy, above)

Living in a big dream and having just one objective is the sign of a unique style, created by Giovanni Ferraris, the fine Italian couture jewelry brand. Giovanni Ferraris is an impression of the owner’s personality. “Exclusive materials, original and creative details can impress, so we take this as a challenge to offer the customer the possibility to choose the general standard,” said Giovanni Ferraris. The iridescent play of colored gems and diamonds to capture the beauty in its true light is what makes every Ferraris piece a masterpiece. Always distinctive and full of life, one never grows tired of grazing at the Giovanni Ferraris jewelry collection.

Marco Bicego ringMarco Bicego (Italy)

Established in 2000, with consolidated experience, Marco Bicego is a young but determined brand. Continuity of style and immediate identification are the linch pins of its success. Marco Bicego’s jewelry is the result of a passionate and continuous challenge, to tame the contrasting elements and transforming them info contemporary seduction. The fruit of old goldsmith techniques, the knowledge of craftsmen handled down from generation to generation, leading to the cultivation of ambition on a “one-off” unique unrepeatable piece.

New ideas, often suggested by sensations, a feeling, take their place along the classical themes of Marco Bicego’s works, whose creations are one-of-a-kind, reflecting his unconventional notions on jewelry design. He brings an almost magical touch to familiar gems and precious metals, transforming typical materials into unusual patterns and shapes. A Bicego piece is highly identifiable by its design. The strung bead look is almost a trademark – casual chic yet expensive-looking pieces with guitar string-like gold ropes, irregularly shaped semiprecious gemstones and gold drops.

Hodel pearlsHodel (Switzerland)

The Swiss luxury brand Hodel is the pioneer in the pearl industry. Persistently striving for perfection, only the best quality pearls are selected to be made into Hodel’s jewelry pieces. Each jewelry is an art piece that is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to display the underlying beauty and uniqueness of the ever-changing pearls.

Backed by more than 25 years of expertise, coupled with the unceasing innovation and passion of the design team, Hodel’s jewelry collection has today become an entity that is recognized, respected and admired by many around the world.

“Pearls – Made by nature, nurtured by man” is their slogan, and Hodel’s exquisite pearl jewelry designs express this harmonious relationship in simple, elegant and graceful terms. Every piece of Hodel jewelry carries with it an adventure, a history and a story, unique only to pearls. The “Extravaganza” collection is handcrafted with precious Keshi Pearls and diamonds, and is sure to please.

Hearts on Fire engagement ringHearts On Fire (United States of America)

Founded in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman, Hearts On Fire is today the fastest growing diamond brand in the global market. Celebrated as a diamond brand of the first waters, Hearts On Fire is the epitome of perfection. The name depicts the revolutionary and exacting cutting technique that is applied with unparalleled craftsmanship to quality diamonds, encompassing a beautiful pattern that reflects eight symmetrical hearts set in a circular formation and an intensive and perfectly proportioned fire burst that gives a bewitching sparkle to the Hearts On Fire diamond.

Trademarked as “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”, Hearts On Fire is designed to scintillate and tantalize the hearts of jewelry aficionados with its high standards of precision cut, elegance and sophistication. Only a select group of artisans world-wide have mastered the skills necessary to cut diamonds to the superlative standards set by Hearts On Fire. Proprietary technology enables these craftsmen to perfectly position, hand-polish and analyze each facet at 100x magnification – 10 times the international and industry requirements. A Hearts On Fire Royale signature piece is a style statement with a pinch of fun with diamonds, and a pleasure to own.

Oro di Roma necklaceOro Di Roma (Italy)

Dedicated to the promotion of Italian handmade jewelry based on design, skill, quality, originality, exclusivity and innovation, Oro di Roma presents unique creations by up to 70 artisan brands that are high fashion yet maintain their tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Artistic interpretations are celebrated at the finest level for each piece of jewelry presented through the individual craftsman. Every piece of jewelry is accompanied with a certificate attesting to its uniqueness and origins.