Talk in style; Vertu Mobile Phone from Nokia

Talk may be cheap, but not if you own a Vertu Mobile Phone from Nokia, studded with sapphire crystals and rubies and plated in 18 carat platinum, yellow gold or white gold.

And while most people are looking for features like Bluetooth and cameras, this tony handset serve as a handy status symbol in any setting just due to its hefty price tag of up to S$38,914 and even higher with additional diamond embellishments and other precious materials.

Vertu’s signature product also has a policy of upgradeable technology called ‘Evolutionary Technology’ which allows the technology in the phone to be upgraded seamlessly, offering firmware upgrades for both existing and new products.

But that’s not all… this phone comes with a concierge, which you can connect to 24 hours a day, worldwide, with a simple long hard press on the concierge key, gaining you access to a global network of hotels and entertainment venues, where you can receive preferential rates and top rate service. Ideal also if you ever find yourself in need of emergency medical assistance or last minute nightclub reservations.

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This beautiful phone has a ceramic pillow for the earpiece and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, a chassis made of the finest Connolly hand-stitched leather, and ruby bearings under the keys for a smooth sound and feel with every press.

If that doesn’t convince you, a small orchestra of polyphonic ring tones, crystal clear reception and high voice quality will. A new type of antenna boosts sensitivity, while the hi-fidelity system speaker provides rich full-bodied sounds, a real aural experience worth the money.



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