Wild Winter Wear

?Winter has finally hit it’s stride and there’s nothing better than to escape from depression, flu and the cold by wearing the sizzling jungle prints and sexy colors that remind us of the tropical paradises we dream of…

5 Fashion Crimes You May Be Committing

Fashion is largely a personal adventure where the individual seeks to portray their personality through clothing and accessories. There is no clear cut right or wrong way to dress and no set of golden rules to guide our wardrobe choices. However, there are a few mistakes that we seem to make on a regular basis.

Here are 5 fashion crimes you may be guilty of committing.

Dressing too Young for Your Age

While fashion isn’t always age discriminate there are an abundance of trends that are aimed at the twenty to thirty something demographic. Women above that demographic often run the risk of dressing to young for their own good.

While there is no need to fill your closet with elastic waist bands and goofy sweaters upon your thirtieth birthday, you should practice caution when it comes to trends. If you feel something may be too young for you, you’re probably right. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to look young with out cashing in on every runway trend.