Sleeves Clothing

“Are those tattoos real?” Full-length arm tattoos (also known as “sleeves”) look pretty cool, but have some obvious downsides: Painful. Expensive. Permanent. If only you could be a tattooed hipster by night and a clean-cut yuppie by day. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Well, now you can… sort of. Sleeves Clothing is the first (and we think only) 

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Tattoo Art Tips

If you finally decide to get a tattoo you will go to a recommended tattoo artist. He will probably show you some designs to pick from. If you don’t like any of them you can ask him to do a custom one.

Be careful when choosing the design of your new tattoo because you will live with it all your life. Anyway, after getting a tattoo done you should know some aftercare tips that cannot be ignored.

If you go to a good tattoo shop than the tattooist will clean and apply antiseptic ointment to the tattoo while creating it. This is the healthiest way to make a tattoo. After the job is finished the artist will clean it and use another coat of ointment.

Inkling for fun

So… You want to get tattooed. Great! This can be a rewarding and life-enriching experience… IF done right. Knowing HOW to get tattooed is key to being happy with this decision.

I hope in the following paragraphs to help you learn the skills necessary to get a good tattoo, one you can live with. People get tattooed for a number of reasons… some good, some not so good.