Watch me if you can!

{loadposition content_adsensecontent} Precision and beauty are the two ultimate achievements for master watchmakers. Zenith’s Chronomaster’s collection will certainly impress with its classic elegance coupled with modern precision… For an amazing specimen, look no further than Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 4047 calibre which has over 300 components and over 40 rubies visible through the opening dial. 

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Bullitt the Bi Retro

The Sports Bi Retro from Gerald Genta is absolutely power-packed with hard masculinity. It’s the kind of watch you’d give to a man who swears the ’57 Devin was the fastest sports car of the 1950s… {loadposition content_adsensecontent} With a dial inspired by the Devin’s design, the Sport Bi Retro features an extra-large round thick 

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Oris, racing like it’s 1970!

{loadposition content_adsensecontent} For a retro-looking watch with a modern twist, look to Oris’ new Chronis Grand Prix’70 Limited Edition watch. Inspired by motor racing in the 70s, when the glamour surrounding the sport was as exciting as the sport itself, this solid work of art is more powerful than the classic version. It has a larger 

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Rega P3 Turntable

If the thought of turntables sends you to sleep, then wake up and smell the paint. This beauty comes in a range of bright colours, and features a glass platter & superb vibration-free motor. Features include an ultra low mass micro-fibre plinth laminated with highly rigid phenolic resin laminate. We don’t know what that means, 

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Tiresse Speakers

Audiophiles, pay attention… This is the new Tiresse speaker from Hornz Acoustics in Australia. Each speaker takes three painstaking months to build from more than 200 individual pieces of wood and cork, which have been specially treated with natural plant oils to ensure durability. Beyond materials, the Tiresse is also an innovation of design; the 

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London Calling

How the British-based Vertu adds luster to luxury cell phones.

The story of almost any luxury item you own (or lust after) probably originates in an intimate, unassuming European workshop: Lamborghini sports cars are created in the Italian village of Sant Agata Bolognese; Hermés artisans hand-stitch leather Birkins in a Parisian suburb called Pantin; in Hamburg, a Montblanc craftsman tests every pen in an environment of absolute silence so that he may properly hear the scratch-woosh when the metal nib alights on paper.

Mass production be damned, an object’s inherent allure – and value – increases dramatically if it stems from an artistic vision and is crafted by hand.

For your cell phone – yes, your cell phone – to tell a similar story it would have to be a Vertu. It would be fashioned of the most luxurious materials imaginable; from its sapphire crystal screen and sumptuous leather back case to its platinum rails and diamond-studded bezel.

It would hail from the company’s headquarters in Church Crookham, a quaint town 39 miles west of London, where jewelry and watch industry specialists create the devices by hand, blending time-honored design traditions with 2lSt-Century mobile technology.

Relatively new to the luxury market’s coterie of boutique brands, Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia, was launched in 1998.