Momma never wore shoes like these…

The hotter the weather, the shorter the skirts and the taller the shoes… so many to choose from and it only takes a while to learn the fierce stilt walk. Here’s some of our favorites…         Swear™ Creeper Sonax™ Slingback Sonax™ highriser Swear™ rubber soul Sonax™ natural leather mule Melita London™ cork 

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Hemp All Star

Since 2001, Converse has made a number of hemp sneaker styles. The high-tops come in a box labeled “All Star Hemp Hi.” Really! They made high-tops in khaki, black, and olive. They even made low-tops in black and olive, for those who don’t want a “hemp high” from their sneakers. The outside of the All 

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One Woman’s Shoe Saga

A s my husband and I passed by the epic centre of the two towering OCBC buildings, he urged me to perform a soapbox.

I of course couldn’t find a box, didn’t stop walking but made a loud speech. ‘All heel women’s shoes should be banned! This is a sadistic practice that men make us perform!

Look around you people! All women are wearing terribly ill fitting shoes and men are in comfortable cover shoes! Why? Ask yourselves why? ALL HEEL SHOES SHOULD BE BANNED!!’

I didn’t care if I startled any one around me but I’m pretty sure I was heard, at least to a minority. The thing is I’ve just gotten this shoe that looked really comfortable.

Nice soft material, heels that are not too high and it fits my overly arched veined feet. I need shoes that provide a stable base for I’ve a rather wide sole. Boy, how delusional I was! Heel shoes can never, and I say that again, NEVER be comfortable.

Crocs Sandals

Comfortable footwear is a definite must have for every sensible individual on the planet. But what defines comfort? I purpose it should be rather easy – it’s when your feet doesn’t ache after you’ve walked in those shoes for an entire day and it most certainly wouldn’t give you blisters. Most of the time, these 

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