Synonymous with Speed

Professional swimmers laud the latest in swimwear technology as the reason behind record-breaking performances.

When U.S. Swimmer Michael Phelps made history at the Beijing Summer Olympics by winning eight gold medals in 2008, he did it with the help of the new shark swimsuit.

Phelps, and other high-performance swimmers, make use of the skintight swimsuit. Made of a water-repellent, ultra lightweight and low drag fabric, the suit is designed so that water flows over the body more efficiently.

It’s described as being sleeker than skin, and features seamless stitching and water repellant padding in places where the body might produce drag, which in turn slows down the swimmer.

The shark swimsuit is not the only swimsuit that facilitates the performance of the swimmers, some other swimsuits also allows professional athletes to train in unheated environments. It prevents injuries and muscle fatigue by insulating the body from the cold.

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Phelps is not the only water athlete to rely on this new generation of swimwear. In a report, U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, who clocked four world record holders in the same line as Phelps, says the suit is more compressed.

“You can feel, like, your core being sucked in,” he was quoted as saying. One U.S. Olympic coach is reportedly so impressed with the products that he has suggested that all Team USA wear the same.

ThinSwim Pro is a training thermal speed suit that provides thermal protection in water as cold as 18 degrees Celsius and streamlines the body to minimize drag. The suit is perfect for open water swim and triathlon events.

ThinSwim Pro

  • Provides speed and thermal protection in waters that don’t warrant a 5mm wetsuit.
  • Streamlines the body to minimize drag so swimmers can swim faster.
  • Maintains a safe body temperature so swimmers can train in the ocean, cold swimming pools and other unheated environments.