Summer Festivals, they’re in the Bag!

With summer in full swing the festival season is most definitely upon us!

The big highlights left for us this summer are the Leeds and Reading Festivals, days of mayhem and madness that are sure to be full of surprises. When attending a festival, the bag or bags you take with you turn into the most important objects you own. For those few days, you are literally carrying your life around in your bag – so make sure it’s a good one.

The bag you carry around with you during the festival will not be the bag you carry all your stuff in – that’ll be ideally a heavy duty backpack with clothes etc that you will leave in your tent. Although guys don’t often carry bags, most girls will want a bag with them 24/7 to hold their money, phone and other essential items. The perfect festival bag is practical, disposable and additionally acts as a bold statement of your identity.

For maximum security, you may want to get a bag that fastens around you, like a bum bag or an across the body bag. Although these are not the height of fashion, they will keep your belongings safe and also keep your hands free so you can hold a burger, a beer or just dance. Bags that hang over the shoulder are easier for thieves to rip from you, but if you’re not going to be out in the crowds much it’s a plausible option. Bags that fasten around your body have an added bonus – you can sleep with them on, protecting you in your tent when potential thieves might be looking for something to nick.

Whatever style of bag you choose; multiple pockets are an absolute necessity. Not only do they give you more room to stow your stuff away in, but you can distribute your possessions among the pockets. This means that if a thief does manage to get his hand in one, you lose the minimum. Your most precious valuables should be kept in a secure zipped pocket in the inside of the bag.

If you’re going to be carrying your phone, or anything you don’t want to get wet in your bag with you, a waterproof bag is a great idea. Festivals are famous for heavy rain and mud, and you don’t want your stuff getting soaked and ruined. If you choose not to opt for a waterproof bag, make sure to take carrier bags with you in case you need to stow stuff where it will definitely stay dry.

The bag you take to any festival, face it, is probably not going to last. Three of the key components of a festival, aside from the music of course, are mud, rain and beer. Your bag is probably going to get covered in all three, so don’t go spending all your cash on something designer and expensive. You want something pocket friendly and essentially disposable – something that will look good at the festival but that you won’t cry over losing.

Remember that festivals aren’t fashion shows. They’re about having fun and staying safe, not necessarily looking all that good. Pick a bag that is practical rather than fashionable and you’re set for the weekend! Many can be found at