Stick that in your ear; DoCoMo’s FingerWhisper

Maxwell Smart look out… the Finger Phone is here. Japanese telecom giant, NTT DoCoMo, has developed a real-life finger telephone they call “FingerWhisper”.

Just stick your finger in your ear! Release in 2005, the phone consists of just a wrist band – just like a watch. Instead of an audible ring tone, the band vibrates when you have a call.

To answer incoming calls, you just tap together your index finger and thumb, and speak into the in-built microphone.

And here’s the best bit… To listen to the person on the other end, simply stick your finger in your ear! The wrist band unit send vibrations up your hand, and into the ear canal.

According to NTT DoCoMo, Finger Whisper “points the way to a world full of wearable interfaces”. So, be careful scratching your ear… You never know who you might be dialling!

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