Star Trek Barbie

Did the marketing genius who came up with this charming bit of corporate synergy – Barbie and Ken join Starfleet – consider the implications?

Anyone who has seen more than a few Star Trek episodes can’t help but foresee the outcome of this vignette, which puts a glamorous (if not exactly beautiful) Starfleet gal and a studly young officer – neither regular crew members – on the bridge with Spock and Captain Kirk.

It’s a scenario repeated in countless episodes: Kirk will bag the babe; the new guy will die. If Ken is one of the lucky ones, he might attain a higher level of consciousness through some alien transmogrification.

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For the first time in his existence, he will lead the examined life.

Then Kirk will kill him.

That may or may not be a worse fate than adding to the galaxy’s load of Kirk-sired b*stards – Barbie’s future if she is fortunate.

The alternatives for characters in her predicament are a stunted life encased in bitterness, especially for those the captain spurns, or a painful end with Ken at the hands of the ubermensch Kirk.

In this context, Barbie and Ken clearly are cannon fodder.