Sovil et Titus’ Magic Spell

So you’ve been with your partner for long enough that chocolates and roses no longer do anything. And you’re getting bored of the same old sex.

Life’s starting to get boring. Well, don’t run to Oohtique and break out the sex toys yet, instead, run to Sovil et Titus and buy him or her a Magic Spell! Huh?

Nope, Sovil et Titus hasn’t switched lines to start selling toad’s eyes and bat guano yet. Neither am I on drugs. Magic Spell is Sovil et Titus’ latest line of timepieces.

To be released just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect Magic Spell to cast on your girlfriend, in the hopes that you can go to Oohtique and try out something new in the bedroom.

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One of the flagship models of the new collection is a geometric flight of fancy in gleaming stainless steel. Its square, numberless dial is set off-centre in the ever-increasing squares of the bezel, which gives an illusion of depth.

The watch case is integral to the rigid bangle bracelet, which is a playful composition of open-link squares and rectangles of varying sizes.

Another fabulous timepiece has delicate chains that are suspended between the metal strips flanking the case, and the leather strap.

Free to dance and slide, they draw attention to the graceful profile of a loved one’s wrist. The shimmery pearlised leather strap coordinates with the coloured dial in a range of tempting shades – mauve, pink, baby blue or champagne.

Alternatively, there is a dial in graduated hues of purple with a matching strap. And because champagne is so essential to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, Solvil et Titus has created another two versions for the champagne-coloured dial.

One is also presented on a matching strap, but the gold-plated chains form a contrast with the stainless steel case. The other one is set into a white strap, for an extremely chic effect.

So don’t wait any further, and run on to Sovil et Titus’ fairy girl for this Valentines’ Day, Ms Sammi Cheng, and swipe your card for a Magic Spell. If you wanna save some bucks, you can try “Wiccan for Dummies” instead, but I won’t hold my breath to see if you get anything out of that.