Sony Walkman A

Up till not too long ago, Sony had deferred the mp3 player. As Apple came up with its fifth generation iPods, there was still nothing from Sony. Until this year when it finally announced the Sony Walkman A series.

Like the mini iPod mini and normal iPods, the Walkman A series comes in two sizes, 6 Gb and 20 Gb. Covered in a shiny plastic surface, it’s truly the perfect accessory for the man or woman who wants to check his or her hair as they choose a song to listen to. The music quality is indeed excellent, but unfortunately only supports ATRAC3 formats.

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The Walkman A is light, with a battery that can easily last you the whole day. However transfer of songs must be done with the CONNECT software. What is great about the Walkman A that surpasses every other mp3 player I’ve tried is its shuffle system.

It truly is random. Go forwards, backwards and forwards again and you don’t get the same tunes. The intelligent shuffle is also interesting to play around with. While some might complain about the lack of a colour display, no video playback, and no FM tuner, Sony has made a Walkman, exactly what it set out to do. It performs all it sets out to do excellently, so if you want a music player, you might find the Walkman A perfect for, well, walking.