Sony Ericsson’s W800c and W800i

Ok, so maybe the design isn’t as funky fresh as we would have liked, but Sony Ericsson announced the first two Walkman cellphones, the W800i and the W800c.

Both are tri-band GSM/GPRS phones that come with built-in music playback software, dedicated control buttons, 38MB of internal memory (and a Memory Stick Duo slot for adding more), a 176×220 pixel, 262,000 colour LCD screen, integrated FM tuner, Bluetooth, and a two megapixel digital camera.

You gotta admit – since this phone has both a “line out” and expandable memory for more songs, its a pretty good deal.

Imagine always carrying this phone around and making calls, then going over a friend’s house and pulling out a small dongle to play the latest album, then taking photos of everyone later. Pretty cool.