Sony Ericsson Z610i

Finally, a 3G Mobile Phone With Multimedia Capabilities! There has been such continual advancements in telecom tech that have initiated a number of irrevocable changes in all our lives.

Even a few years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that a day would come when mobile phones could be used for talking face-to-face or as cameras and mp3 players.

But rapid developments have taken place, and now sleek looking mobile phones with third generation (3g) capabilities have become quite common, as well as highly popular.

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The Sony Ericsson Z610i is one of the more “in-demand” 3g mobile phones with advanced multimedia and imaging capabilities thrown in for good measure. The Sony Ericsson Z610i sports a seductive clamshell design.

The contours of this phone come in distinct shapes and are soft to the touch. Another feature that strikes you instantly is the hidden mirror effect of the external display. Apart from being attractive in the way it is designed, this phone is also highly versatile in its capabilities and features.

The 3g capabilities of the handset are manifested in diverse ways. It can be used to make video calls; for accessing the internet; as well as for sending and receiving emails.

It is also possible to download heavy email attachments to the handset within seconds. A 2.0 mega pixel digital camera is another key feature of the Sony Ericsson Z610i mobile phone.

Because of the imaging options that come with the handset, it becomes quite easy for a person to capture memorable moments from her life; she can then share the same with family and friends.