Sony-Ericsson: All the rage for the new age!

HCB-700 Hands-Free Car Kit

This retro-looking device ensures safety on the phone as you’re barrelling down the CTE.

It has excellent Voice dialing, and the display can be set to match your dashboard lighting. Up to five people in the same car can use it, connecting you automatically when the ignition key is turned, making it as smart as it looks.

Bluetooth headset HBH-610Bluetooth headset HBH-610

Looking for superior audio quality and clearer calls in noisy environments? How about auto-volume adjustment, echo cancellation and noise reduction?

Then try this quality device with your phone, personal digital assistant or personal computer.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it delivers 6.5 hours of talk time and up to 13 days of standby.

GC99 PC card

GC99 PC card

Get the fastest possible access to the Internet and e-mail in more places with this clever card which combines Wi-Fi with 3G/UMTS and global quad band GSM/EDGE /GPRS connectivity, providing workers on the move access to the fastest data rates and most extensive coverage.


Simple to use on both Windows and Macs.


Especially designed for style, the fully featured, Bluetooth-enabled Z520i fits into any fashion scheme.

Supportive of busy social or working lives, the external screen displays a picture associated with the caller’s number.

The VGA camera can take pictures or video clips with the phone open or closed and the 16MB memory chip can store hundreds of ringtones, pictures or video clips.