Sleeves Clothing

“Are those tattoos real?”

Full-length arm tattoos (also known as “sleeves”) look pretty cool, but have some obvious downsides: Painful. Expensive. Permanent. If only you could be a tattooed hipster by night and a clean-cut yuppie by day.

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Well, now you can… sort of. Sleeves Clothing is the first (and we think only) maker of phony tattoo shirts. The secret is in a sheer, flesh-coloured material that covers your arms, but is difficult to detect, even at close range.

The “tattoos” are painted onto this material, so when you slip on a Sleeves shirt, you’ll appear to be as inked as a biker. No more dealing with henna ink or those cheesy fake tattoos that take two weeks to wear off.

Sleeves are available in several patterns (Japanese, tribal, and dermagraphic) as well as several styles for both men and women. Just don’t be surprised if people with real tattoos lock you in the bathroom.