Simply Perfect


He thus developed a low-temperature, bio-fermentation process lasting three to four months that preserved each component. Even today, the technology is unique in the cosmetic industry, with each jar being hand-filled to prevent any alteration of the formula.

Researchers at La Mer have now developed a new process that loads water with minerals that are then “deconstructed” using an electrical charge that permanently forms the water into energy-carrying clusters. A compound is then added, which includes marine enzymes, proteins and plant-derived vitamins.

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The end result is water that carries a highly concentrated yet gentle infusion of nutrients directly to the skin’s cells. This technique is now used in all La Mer’s new products.

The collection has now expanded to include various lotions, toners and cleansers both for oily and normal-to-dry skin. The cleansing lotion and gel both use positive charged molecules that aid in drawing out dirt, debris and pollutants from the skin without harsh rubbing or irritation.

Both cleansers contain two revolutionary ingredients: magnetised tourmaline, a natural gemstone that acts as a water softener, and colloidal silver, a natural mineral that reduces irritating preservative levels and has been used as an antibacterial agent.

The tonic and the oil-absorbing tonic use negative-charged molecules that open skin and act as a natural anti-oxidant, helping to neutralise oxidants like chlorine in tap water. Both tonics use colloidal mineral water, from fresh water springs in Utah, which effectively soothe and hydrate the skin.

The La Mer Face Mist gives skin an instant boost of energy and hydration. The mist actually contains a live internal magnet inside the bottle that acts as a floating energy source, continually charging the key ingredients of the product. The Mist also has magnetically charged, deconstructed water that is enriched with minerals and creates a negative ion-rich environment that rapidly hydrates and raises the skin’s energy levels.