Shopping For Clothing This Winter


With the colder months approaching it can be difficult to get the motivation to get out and get that long awaited winter shopping done. Good clothing is the best protection from the elements and I thought it might be a good idea to write a little post about maximising the benefits of your winter clothes shopping. So read on to find out some tips for getting the best clothing possible for the coming winter.

Find a great clothing store

One of the keys to finding great winter clothes is of course finding a shop that stocks good quality clothing. I find that House of Fraser has some really great mens and womens clothing and it is all of a very high quality. A good clothing shop means that you have a one stop shop that is convenient, but also of great quality and this makes for a very pleasant shopping experience.

Layer, layer and then layer again

Layering is my key to keeping warm every winter. Some people I know try to have a really good coat and not much in between and yet they always complain that they are cold. The more layers you wear, the warmer you will be, it is as simple as that. Remember that many thin layers are better than just a few thick ones and I definitely learn this the hard way!

Invest in some higher end pieces

I like to get an investment piece every winter or every few winters and it is totally worth it. For example, last winter I purchased a cashmere and wool coat and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It keeps the cold out extremely well and keeps me warm. Of course this was not a cheap purchase, but I can definitely use it for at least the next ten years. Investment pieces are exactly that, but they certainly pay for themselves in the long run.

Get some good quality base layers

Base layers like t shirts or underwear are the perfect way to keep the cold out this winter. I find that some nice warm underwear like a merino undershirt is absolutely vital. Not only does it keep you warm because of the wool content, but it is also light, comfortable and breathable. Again good quality might mean a bit more money, but this is well worth the extra cost.