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Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood


Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood

Every man always wants to smell good... naturally good. And now he can with the "Nature always wins" Supercollection, special Dsquared2 fragrances celebrating wood against the most spectacular of natural backdrops...

As always, inspiration is the majestic beauty of pure pristine Nature. It's an olfactive journey crossing the Rocky Mountains, through Velvet Green Forests, meandering along the crystal clear waters of Canadian Creeks to reach the vast unexplored Ocean.

The Fragrance: HE WOOD Ocean Wet Wood

A true spectacle of Nature, irresistibly evocative: thick forests of age-old trees opening up and giving way to pure white sandy beaches and deep blue waters. Wood as both material element and olfactive memory... sparking images of Ocean driftwood with its rich grain and washed-out hue. The intense blue of the sea identifies the essence, framed by wood with a similar oceanswept look and feel. Dean and Dan Caten devote the second men's Edition of "Nature always wins" the Supercollection to Nature lovers, to those who experience the powerful draw of Nature and feel One with it.

It's Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood.

The bottle has a solid presence; wood encloses, frames and protects the perfectly square bottle. Laser engraving of the name adds a note of refinement. Thanks to the wood's wonderful nuancing of grain and hue, each item is truly unique. The boxy black lacquer stopper is creatively off-center. The fragrance comes in a white cardboard box with full, firm, original texture. A call to sandy beaches, faroff and pristine.Elegant silvertone relief lettering heightens the allure.

The Essence: Force of Nature

The force of Nature as inspiration for a fine, vibrant, genuine fragrance. An olfactive creation inspired by the intense freshness of Nature. An essence capturing a distinctive accord of Ocean, Wet and Wood Notes.

OCEAN NOTES : (Transparent, Sea Accord, Ambergris, Artemisia) masculinity interpreted with strength and energy. Ambergris and Artemisia bond in a timeless Transparent Sea Accord, so mysterious, sparking images of the deep blue Ocean, holding the potent breath of waves.

WET NOTES: (Violet Leaves, Violet, Musk) a sophisticated freshness, pure and vital. Musk, Violet Leaves and Violet create a unique and special accord, overpowering and luminous, evoking the Ocean's force and vigour.

WOOD NOTES: (Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean) the distinctive element, constant material presence. Vibrant notes, deep and intense: Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Patchouli and Cedar Wood characterize the fragrance, awarding true sense of virility and refinement.
Noses: Daphne Bugey and Alberto Morillas

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