Saving your skin

Moisturize your skin

We advise both men and women to deeply moisturize their skin before taking any long- or short-haul flight to prevent dehydration.

However, our main concern today is about what you can do to give your skin a quick lift once you are in your hotel room, as we are sure that the most frugal suitcase packers never think of adding that extra tube.

A facemask usually weighs about 200 grams, but a good one can temporarily take four years off your face. Thanks to new cosmetic technology, the latest masks deliver intensive care without the trauma.

We suggest that you leave all exfoliating and purifying masks at home. Use them about 48 hours before your flight, but only pack a mask that will moisturize and relax your skin.

Be selfish once in a while

If possible, when you get into your hotel room, just be selfish and set a few boundaries with the rest of the world for at least twenty minutes. Unplug the phone, draw the curtains and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Wash your face, apply the mask of your choice, lie on your bed and just relax. If you know how to meditate, great. If you don’t, just concentrate on someone you love for around 15 minutes. Do not let any past or future thoughts clog up your mind and live rent-free in your skull.

When the time is up, wash the mask off, get dressed and get on with the rest of your day. We guarantee you will look better, feel better and perform better.

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Masks for men

Surprisingly, very few of the male skin care lines make masks for men yet. We assume that men are loath to demonstrate such vanity and won’t buy them. It is therefore up to women to administer facials to these poor creatures at home with their own masks in order to break them in slowly.

Once they get used to this weekly service, they might just slip one into their suitcase and remember their better halves that stayed behind. Also, everyone can buy travel-size containers for these extra little necessities and save himself or herself any extra weight.

The Body Shop sells such containers, but this is typical, as the company thinks of everything. They even have unisex facial masks, no fancy perfumes or packaging, just the raw goods inside. By all means, try the Peanut and Rosehip Mask, which works particularly well if you use it in a steam bath or sauna.

The new Moisture Face Mask is also noteworthy, as it is suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes the skin effectively, but is really soothing as it is a gel. What else? Try to relax during the flight and don’t read anything too heavy or depressing. Keep it light.

Changing Your Persona

There is an enormous selection of masks to be purchased on the market. How can you make the best choice for your particular skin type? In Europe, the “Parfumeries” are your best bet, as they carry practically every exclusive brand available. You cannot go wrong with Juvena Personal Skin Collection Moist-On Mask. Also, if you go to a cosmetologist for a facial, it is worth getting free professional advice there, as it is in your interest to maintain the results of the treatment.