Samsonite S+ Series

Everytime I think of Samsonite suitcases, they inevitably remind of that old advert where some crazy bugger was trying to get his suitcase open, or had stolen it and was trying to break it open, and it just refused.

Hard, tough, and certain to give your shin a lot of pain if you tried to kick it. That’s the Samsonite I always remember.

So when they started to reinvent themselves and come up with soft cases that looked great and still offered great protection to is contents, I found it a little hard to come to terms with.

But, I have to say that I certainly like the latest Samsonite S+ series of bags more than comfortable to the eye and my arms, and of course, not forgetting my wallet as well.

There are three different styles, STL, FX and EX, for the funky and sporty, the ladies and the businessy respectively. The STL collection has high-ventilating foam in the back panels and shoulder straps, so its not uncomfortable or smelly even if you sweat a lot.

Perfect for taking along the next trip to Mount Everest, because you know that even in the remotest places on earth, you have to be fashion savvy. You never know when a camera might show up.

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The FX collection is more feminine and comes in bright colours, lime green and baby blue, as well as red and black. But that doesn’t mean the guys can only look and not buy, in fear of being called sissy. An X-Over design allows a secure strap over the chest, so it can look athletic if you want to, and just elegant if you don’t.

Finally, the EX range of bags are comfortable to carry all of your life possessions in case you need to make a run for it. Broad shoulder straps make this a good choice if you’re going the long road. A welded transparent pocket to keep your frequently accessed items give it a slightly less formal look, so you don’t have to dig through your bags like a crazy person looking for the Mind Molester.

So if you’re planning any trips anytime soon, go check out the Samsonite showrooms at Suntec or Shaw Centre. And if you’ve been meaning to get that set of matching luggage bags, now’s a good time, because you’ll not only be getting the pretty design, but also the great Samsonite durability everyone knows.