Salsa dancing tips

The key to looking smooth on the dancefloor is to practice beforehand… so here is’s tips for going to a Salsa Club

Going to a Salsa ClubSalsa dance clubs like Union Square are all the rage. They are filled with sociable people who want to have fun but also love salsa music and dance.

The addictive rhythms heard at any salsa bar can easily make the casual observer become a dancer overnight.

If you are considering going to a salsa dance club, here are some tips you should follow:

• If you are a female and want to learn how to salsa dance, be open-minded and say yes to any guy that asks you to dance. Regardless of whether he’s short, not your type or has on a shirt you don’t care too much for, salsa dance is a social event. It’s amazing but the guys you would normally avoid in a regular bar or club are actually the same ones you’d dance with at a salsa bar.

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They are usually really good dancers who just want to have a good time as well as help you have a good time too. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they are actually really nice too! Often if you say you’re not a good dancer, they are very willing to guide you along – all in the name of good fun.

• If you are a guy, be polite when you ask a woman to dance. If she says no, graciously thank her and walk away. There are always more women willing to dance with you.

• Practice good hygiene. Before you go out, pack a few mints, put on that deodorant and brush those teeth. Your partner will thank you for it.

• Wear comfortable shoes that will last you a few hours of dancing.

• Wear breathable clothing. Especially in tropical Singapore, cotton is always a good choice as it allows the sweat to stay off of your skin and keeps you cool. Stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon. These fabrics hold sweat and may make you smell a little unpleasant by the end of the night.

• Drink lots of water. Although you are at a club some alcohol is always a nice addition. But if you’ll be dancing the night away, supplement your alcohol with some glasses of water to hydrate yourself.

• And of course… Have fun!

Evan Margolin shares his passion for salsa through DanceSF, the premier salsa studio in the Bay Area, his Learn to Salsa DVDs (www.salsadancedvd .com) and, a comprehensive guide to salsa news and events in the Bay Area.