Rolleiflex Minidigital Camera

A New twist on a classic, the old Rollei upright, two-lens, square-frame camera has been an industry standard since its invention in 1920.

Many professional portrait photographers still use Rolleis, and all treat them like Stradivarius violins: irreplaceable instruments of perfection from a bygone era. But now the company has taken a giant leap into the 21st century with the release of the Rolleiflex 24611 Mini Digi AF 5.0 Camera,their new, miniature digital version.

This pocket-sized wonder recreates all of the original Rollei’s features, including the twin-lens technology, square frame, vertical (LCD) window, crank advance and pop-up hood.

The “film” is even pulled from the front, although the negatives in this case are in a removable memory card. This must-have gadget of the year!

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