RED MotoRazr V3xx

A phone with a good cause, RED marries the private sector with the buying power of the public in an effort to generate a sustainable flow of private sector funds towards the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa.

As the exclusive worldwide wireless partner for (PRODUCT) RED, Motorola has developed a unique MOTO RED portfolio of signature handsets each designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

In addition to all the features and style you would expect from a Motorola handset, the RED MOTORAZR V3xx includes a direct US$17.00 contribution to the Global Fund, made with each purchase in Singapore.

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In addition, the Motorola carrier partner in Singapore will match the US$8.50 contribution. Enjoy live two-way video calling, download music or watch streaming video over a broadband-like connection on a brilliant 2.2 inch colour screen.

Hands-free Bluetooth and a 1000-entry phonebook with a 1.3 megapixel camera, click for instant video or image capture and then save to the optional removable microSD™ card. No matter what your mobile need, MOTORAZR V3xx is the definitive mobile phone for you!