One Woman’s Shoe Saga

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Anyway, I was seasoning it, like marinating chicken in the kitchen. You need to stuff and rub and do all sorts of things with your chicken to bring out the flavour.

Same thing with shoes, you need to rub and bruise and torture yourself to loosen the structure to fit your feet. But by then, your feet will be badly damaged with tore skin and open wounds. Sounds familiar? Agree with me, all heel shoes should be banned!

I see the women’s shoe as an expression of sexuality much de picted and controlled by men. Men want us to dress in revealing sensual short skirts and boobs hanging micro T-shirts. The irritating thing is that they want other women to wear like that but never on their spouses. Such preposterous freaking double standards!

Such tortures do not stop there. Women are to succumb to further agonizing methods. They, the supreme torment masters want us to waddle in your walking steps, sway in a Donald Duck way with our hips and boobs out defining gravity. They force us to wear heel shoe. Any form of heel, high heel or short heel, will never be comfortable. They will then be relaxing in their comfy covered leather shoes with socks cushioning every step, it’s bloody unfair!

I say, let go of the non idealist sexy leg image and let’s all fall back to basis. If men want us to wear G-strings and bruise our butt cracks, they should do that too! And you know most men hate wearing them so why should we? And if men want us to wear heel shoes, they should too! And if men want us to wear what maximiser bras, they should wear some crouch uplifting underwear too!

And I still have to endure such contusion and if you ever read the newspaper on ‘Woman Falls to Her Death Wearing Killer Heels’, that’s me.