Nokia 1112, Nokia 2310 and Nokia 2610

Lo-fi it… Nokia takes the bite outta losing.

Okay, okay… so you’ve spent a fortune on all the latest Starfleet style handphones with every gadget under the stars in it, and you lose them before the third payment’s even made.

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Considering the price of those fancy handphones, you should be glad that Nokia just announced 3 new low-end handsets (targeted at first time users in new growth markets) and serial phone losers. The Nokia 2610, Nokia 2310 and Nokia 1112 were unveiled at Nokia Experience Mobility 2006 event in Chongqing, China. According to Nokia the hallmarks of the trio is Performance, quality and ease of use!

The new Nokia 1112, Nokia 2310 and Nokia 2610 expand Nokia’s current portfolio of affordable low-end phones. All three models are expected to begin shipping during the second quarter of 2006. The Nokia 1112 is an addition to the popular Nokia 1100 family phones that has sold over 100 million units globally, since its introduction, and is very popular with lo-fi tech nerds and Mark Koh (Hi Mark!).

Nokia also announced that it is opening the licensing of the Nokia Prepaid Tracker terminal feature to other terminal manufacturers. At the same time Nokia will also license the Prepaid Tracker network feature to all GSM/WCDMA operators regardless of their current network system provider. The Nokia Prepaid Tracker was unveiled last year and a simple solution that lets prepaid subscribers keep track of their prepaid balance and call expenses.