Nivea Body Age Defying Lotion

Face it; we’re all getting older, every day. With more of us joining what they call “the ageing population”, not everyone wants to bow out to wrinkles and botox so easily. The new Nivea Body Age Defying Moisturizer has been developed with the more mature folk in mind.

It re-discovers the body’s youth with an advanced formula to fight signs of ageing in a luxurious daily use formula that gets youthful radiant results every time. This is one of the first body products designed just for this age group.

Almost half of body care users are over 40 and what’s more, over half of Nivea Body buyers are too – that means Nivea Body is perfectly poised to give women the opportunity to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside.

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Another great product from Nivea, designed to keep you from stinking up the room like some taxi-driving uncle, is the Energy Fresh 24-hour Deodourant. This product guarantees effective Anti-Perspirant – protection to keep you fresh all day long.

What we like about it is the fact that the scent doesn’t leave you smelling like a cinnamon bun or a pine-tree, but the charming hint of lemon grass.

With 24 hour performance ensuring all day protection, whilst caring for your skin with ingredients that a guarantee a pleasant, dry skin feeling.

It contains no alcohol, colourings or preservatives, and is dermatologically tested, so is especially kind to your skin.