MPIO HD200 MP3 Player

So you’ve got a PDA, the mobile phone, a digital camera and maybe even an old school mini TV… they all do their job well, and some do more than one function.

But what about music, the very stuff of life that can make a bad day brighter, a perfect moment more memorable, and causes time to lose all meaning? Then you’ll need an MP3 player.

But which one to choose? I went to one of the mega-electromarts recently and was simply overwhelmed at the confusion of brands.

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Sure, there’s the top dog I-Pod and it’s local clone by Creative. There were brands whose names I can’t even pronounce, and wimpy players that only held a handful of songs… and then one caught my eye… The HD200 by MPIO.

This “All-in-One” type MP3 player, besides playing brilliant sounds with an easy to use interface, also has features like an FM tuner, a voice recorder, data storage option and also “Walk Office” a revolutionary new approach to providing business productivity to anyone who spends time away from their desk.

A unique combination of cutting edge technologies allows easy, secure productivity from any computer, any time.

Walk Office is an affordable suite of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics applications that can seamlessly open, edit, and save directly to the corresponding Microsoft Office file formats like .doc, .xls, and .ppt.

You can effortlessly exchange file with friends and co-workers using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its unique, pure Java architecture enables it to run on Windows or Macintosh operating systems and features integrated, Internet-based file sharing and storage.

But what about the music? Isn’t that what we’re here for? Sleek and slim, this device weighs just 106 grams and has an 8-Line wide LCD with eye-catching Indigo Blue backlight, intuitive GUI and remote controller.

So easy to use, users can control all functions with their fingertips without even reading the user’s guide, and easily access 1,200 tunes, automatically categorised by artist, album, genre and title.

The HD200 also supports play lists. Users can encode MP3 files directly from any music sources; CD, cassette, and LP, and store them on the 5GB drive.

Playback time is 16 hours, the highest among its competitors. With its SRS Wow Sound, 5-band EQ (4 preset and 1 user set), and 30mW stereo output, users can enjoy premium quality 3D sound with dynamic bass, and all for just a suggested retail price of $488.