Motorola Razr Z

Read and weep. Or rather, look and weep, especially all you fans of the sliding mobile phone, first made popular by Siemens and LG. Motorola has, in line with its existing aim of taking back the thinnest phone fight from NEC, created the world’s thinnest slider phone, at only 14.8mm thick.

It’s the Motorola Razr Z, and truly a thing of beauty. I have never much liked moving parts in gadgets because, from my experience, I tend to break them, but this pretty thing has me salivating all over it. The Razr Z is no lightweight either.

It has an expansion slot, an MP3 player and Bluetooth, as well as a 1.3 megapixel camera. It’s no lightweight in the price department either, costing more than S$1000.

Well, fans do not have to worry about the price, because it’s only available in Korea, running on CDMA. Yeah, I’m a phone-tease.