My iPod likes your iPod… A lot of people don’t know how to share music between iPods, and because Apple makes it so difficult, over the years people have invented ingenious methods to share music between iPods and trick iTunes.

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They have even invented gadgets that make things extremely easy. Probably the most used method to share music is a very basic and simple method, and you probably know it too. Add them to an archive and send them via email or burn a CD. This is a very basic and simple method.

The second method is a bit more complicated. There is a software called ipod2ipod, it’s a bit complicated to use but if you master it, it goes like this: you upload the songs from the ipod to your computer or his and then back on the other ipod. The process itself is simple, but the software is complicated.

Now there’s a relatively new way, but is also the easiest and fastest way to share music. You don’t need special software nor a computer for that mater. Not even cables. It’s a new gadget called the miShare V10 iPod Content Share Device.

Extremely simple to use, you just add the songs/videos/images/play lists to your To-Go playlist in the iPod, connect both iPods to the device (you just plug it in, it fits into the same place where you recharge it).

Wait for it to sync and then push the only button it has. As I said, an extremely simple way to share music between iPods. You can do this anywhere at any time, you need nothing else except the miShare.