Mimotica Micola

Mimotica Micola is a Spanish design house with a French twist that makes bags, purses and even suitcases with such style you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off them, which will definitely help reduce theft!

They are in the process of opening outlets here in Aisa, but in the meantime you’ll just have to go on-line to order at www.mimoticamicola.com (hint; if you hate mimes, you’ll love their site).

Their autumn-winter 2007 collection of bags “C’est pas facile d’tre une fille” from the online boutique with a smash hit. Purses, clutch-bags, shopping bags, everything… plus those classy helmets that have been in all the European fashion magazines!

You can browse over 25 models of bags (the majority in a range of colours), their names (each has its own), prices and materials all on a single website. Whether you feel like felt, knit, kitsch, houndstooth check or wool, you’ll just love their bags!