Mimobot Designer Flash Drives

Flash drives are all the rage these days. They come in huge capacities and even in exotic flavours like titanium and biometric. But what most drives lack is any sort of fun design.

Sure, you might find one with rubber grippies on the side, or one made from bright yellow plastic with a blinking LED.

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But how about a robot, cactus monster or ghost dripping blood from its mouth? These are some of the designs behind Mimoco’s Mimobot designer flash drive series.

Mimobots are somewhat of a cross-breed of tech and Beanie Babies. They’re created by designers and many are sold in very limited quantities.

My Robo sample unit is number 69 out of 500, according to the handwritten designation on the package, and the ever cool Han Solo mimobot Designer USB Flash Drive. And there’s the uniqueness of these drives. They’re not so much USB drives, as collectable art that can also be used to store your files.