Majorica Grey Pearls

No other object used for personal adornment has so often served to enhance beauty and distinction, or been so highly esteemed, The most ancient pearl necklace known to man, now found in the Louvre Museum, was created for a Persian princess over 2,300 years ago.

According to legend, to show her love for Mark Anthony, Cleopatra left a valuable pearl in a cup of wine one night to create the aphrodisiac effect attributed to these gems. Millions of women continue to desire and wear them because their beautiful orient reflects, as no other jewel, the inner beauty of the wearer. Majorica has granted this wish for nearly 100 years with its wonderful pearls full of naturalism.

Majorica Grey Pearls Sets
The special and top secret process has led to perfection in the size, orient, iridescence, lustre, texture and colour. Majorica Grey Pearls Set (mon-made-peorts) including a 45 cm pearl necklace and a perfect matching pair of 7mm stud earrings. The clasp of the necklace and the fittings of the earrings are both made in sterling silver and rhodium. Majorica pearls benefit from a 10-year international guarantee.